Porto - Ponte D.Luiz I

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is our pleasure to announce that the HYPERBOLE Conference, (HYdropower plants PERformance and flexiBle Operation towards Lean integration of new renewable Energies) will take place in the Engineering Faculty of Porto University, FEUP, from 2 to 3 of February 2017.

The HYPERBOLE Conference is jointly organized by INESC TEC (Center for Power and Energy Systems) and EPFL-LHM (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne – Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines) within the framework of the FP7 European project HYPERBOLE (http://hyperbole.epfl.ch). Porto is a very lively city with numerous touristic attractions namely in its historic center declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996 and it is also the gateway to the Douro valley also declared World Heritage in 2001.

The HYPERBOLE Conference aims at building a forum to exchange ideas and to discuss a wide range of topics related to hydro power technology development and its integration in electric power systems, while incorporating a strong link to the changing energy and regulatory environment.

We are already working to build a rich and lively program that will convey both the main results from the European Funded project HYPERBOLE, but also perspectives that can be brought by other practitioners in the fields. It is therefore with most pleasure that we invite you to submit a paper and/or to participate in HYPERBOLE Conference, hoping this will be a fruitful and most enjoyable experience.

Bem-vindos ao Porto e à conferência HYPERBOLE/ Welcome to Porto and to the HYPERBOLE Conference.














INESC TEC - Laboratório Associado